Coming Back in the Fall of 2017

Is she prepared to go to the next level?  MFG Leadership Boot Camp gives her the tools to navigate the ups & downs of school life.    Accepting, Connecting, Celebrating, Encouraging and Strengthening herSelf on & off the mat.  Climbing to new heights, going with the flow, feeling her heart pound in her chest with vigor and strength she didn't know she had access to.  This 5-day experience will be with her throughout the year.  

July 31 - Aug 4 or Aug 7 - Aug 11


Monday         Rock Climbing & Yoga

Tuesday         SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) & Yoga (on & off the board)

Wednesday Aerial Yoga

Thursday      Cardio Workout at Red Rocks with Yoga

Friday             Restorative Yoga and Vision Boards for the new year

Each day we meet at Buchanan Rec Center EXCEPT for Thursday.  We meet at North Lot at Red Rocks Amphitheater.  

What she will need: 

Tennis Shoes (no open toe shoes.)

Work-out clothes (short shorts not allowed.  Work out shorts are good and leggings or joggers)

Water bottles 

Healthy Snack (SNACKS ARE NOT PROVIDED. Please send healthy snacks. Vending machines do not offer good choices.)

Open Mind 

Register at Evergreen Recreation website (link below)

Buchanan Ctr, Evergreen

Register here Miss Fit Girls

Coming back in the Fall





Giving her the tools to Lead 



Please call or register first before coming to class. 


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After school program will return in the Fall

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Returning in the fall 

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