Miss Fit Girls® & MFG Yoga

You don't have to roll out the mat to practice.   Take the next deep breathe!  Learn More on poses, breathing and mindfulness. 


It's not just a yoga class,

it's a community.

Each class contains traditional yoga poses, cardio strengthening and relaxation techniques. After-school classes also include an activity or guest speaker that enhances the lesson. We focus each week on a topic that is directly effecting our girls. Physical, Mental, Emotional, Social & Community issues. Class Schedule and how to register click Learn More
Do you have a passion to help girls realize their true power? Do you practice yoga? Do you have a desire to bring teens to the mat? Are you seeking a community that is accepting, connected, celebrated, encouraging and strong? MFG Yoga community is it. 


Miss Fit Girls® & MFG Yoga.  

You fit.

Miss Fit Girls® & MFG Yoga offers classes that teach traditional yoga poses, cardio strengthening, and relaxation techniques specifically geared to teen mind and bodies.